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Welcome to Respect, a Caesary based league on Aeria Server 7. If you are a new member of the league or haven't yet registered with the site, please do so immediately, so that you have access to our forums and the other features that the hosting site provides. 

Caesary has the ability to bring people all over the world together to play, and by doing that, we have accumilated people from all over within the league. It can be a bit confusing sometimes as to whats happening at what time, so this website allows each and every member to communicate and reach every other member.
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Be a team player. What we expect of you.

steven.piggott, Dec 5, 10 9:31 AM.
These are not suggestions, these things are EXPECTED OF YOU ALL!For those of you who have heard this 100 times, forgive the spam. For those of you who have not, these are basic keys to survival and growth.MAKE SURE HEAD ON IS TICKED OFF IN ALL YOUR CITIES! If you are unsure of how to do this, please ask.If you are logging out for the night, you have 2 options: Hide your resorces on the market. Set them for sale at a price safely above the price that things are selling. When you log back in they will be in your market, where you can withdraw them again to use as needed. The other option is, use cease fire. They last for 12 hours and protect all your cities from any sort of attack. Truce can be cancled at any time, if you'd like, when you come back online.There is really no excuse for feeding the enemy and we should see no more of it in our millitary situation reports. This is basic but crucial stuff. Letting them run off with your stuff allows them to attack not just you, but your league-mates, too

Time to get to WORK!

steven.piggott, Dec 5, 10 9:30 AM.
Ok guys; this is a social game; and it is a lot of fun with everyone.  But, we are getting the crap kicked out of us.  AA are moving cities into hispania, and they will systematically trash us.  So- some changes.1. There is a prestige contest that ends next week, top5 gets goodies and prizes.  So; Bottom 20 players WILL BE CUT unless there are ubber special circumstances.  VH and me will talk it over.  If you get cut and you still want to play- we will set up a secondary League to help.  2.  GET CENSOR!  There is no reason we have people as Aedille or with 2 cities right now.  You need to build cities so youc an expand your Industrial capacity, more troops- more fun.  We are keeping tabs on how people are growing, and we will cut those who are not bothering to do the little things.3. ANYONE WHO LEAVES ON WILL GET BOOTED!   If you are marauded or attacked when you are offline, and you lose your troops then you have not paid any attention- When you leave for the night, you hide resources; pop a ceasefire.

If you dont know how to check if your heads on is clicked on.  ASK IN CHAT!  We can accept mistakes, getting ambushed; but Ignorance is not acceptable.   IF YOU ARE IN THE CLUSTER OF CITIES BY THE REBEL CITY, PLEASE MOVE AT LEAST 1  OF YOUR TOWNS!  We need to be spread out in Hispania as much as possible; so you can find a safe place to maraud.  And Finally; it is a game, have fun- if you get burned out, if you want to quit or take a few weeks off- let us know.  We will make steps to have you trib to someone who will be around, so that they can release you if and when you come back.  Don't be afraid to talk in the League chat, it is a game and we are all having fun.

League mail sent by: Aramis

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steven.piggott, Dec 5, 10 8:37 AM.
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